David who?
David Who?
Welcome to my new weather related web site. My name is David and as you can see, I really enjoy watching Mother Nature un-wind. My interests in meteorology started in 1978 when I was opening a new restaurant in Raton, New Mexico and also in Sioux City, Iowa. Being from California, I never experienced mid-west type weather conditions before.
During my stay in the mid-west that year, ( it was the summer time...June and July), I witnessed cloud formations that I've never seen before in real life. I saw formations such as cirrocumulus.....cumulus congestus.....stratocumulus opacus.....and most of all, the notorious "CUMULONIMBUS MAMMA". These mammatus clouds are the mother of all the tornadic formations....." THE SUPERCELL CLOUD". These super cell formations, given the right conditions, can form as high as 50,000 feet in altitude.
While I was there, I witnessed the sky opening up with patterns of lighting that would scare any new comer who never experienced them before. The boom from the thunder storm sounded like a 500 pound bomb going off. Of course, I should mention that the hail started falling, and it was the size of golf balls. After all that, the torrential rains would fill any large bucket very fast. If I would of lived there at that time with all my weather related hardware, I would of seen some pretty fantastic data readings being captured. The weather and data readings here in San Francisco are very mellow...so to say...all year round.
I still very much enjoy the restaurant business. It pays all the bills and I continue have lots of fun un-winding by playing with all the weather toys. I currently manage a steak house, where I've been for the last twenty years, here in San Francisco. I do hope that you enjoy this site and feel free to e-mail me anytime.  
Happiness to all, David
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